dimanche 5 mai 2019

José's latest news: radio interviews, Jean Thomassen's book release party and lunch with friends at Pizzeria Napoli

Photo by Marco Rens

* Recently, José Hoebee gave interviews on the radio: 

  • April 19th: on "Het Ochtendhumeur” (Noordkop Radio)

Photo by David Hay Gibson - montage by Marco Rens
  • April 29th:  on "Maandag Middag Matinee" (Omroep Helmond - click here to read an article about it).
  • May 4th: on "Wakker Worden met Paul, Gert en Henk" (Gouda FM) - click here to listen to it. The interview with José appears at 1:17:26. The singer discussed her career (Luv' and solo). She also mentioned her forthcoming trip to Miami with Marga Scheide and Chimène van Oosterhout. The ladies will record new material with American producer Keith Morisson.
Source: Noordkop Radio, Omroep Helmond, Gouda FM, José Hoebee's Fan Page (Facebook)

* On April 30th, José and Luv's tour manager and friend David Hay Gibson were invited by Martin Reitsma to attend the release party of the book entitled "1900 en gisteren" written by Jean Thomassen. The event took place at Kasteel Oud Wassenaar, Netherlands. Many celebrities were present including pop singers Gemma van Eck (ex-Babe) and Getty Kaspers (ex-Teach In)  as well as Bea Willemstein and media personality Tineke de Nooij. The guests enjoyed the performances of Lesley van Ruitenbeek (Lesley sings Presley), Victor R. Meije, Peter Kok de Goey, Ruud Jansen and Tamara Tol.

Photos by Ronald van den Andel, Cor Smit, Jerrold Mallee, David Hay Gibson

During the party, Martin Reitsma gave José a signed card of American actor and singer Ted Neeley (best known for his performance in the film "Jesus Christ Superstar"). Two years and a half ago, she met her idol for the first time to pose with him for photos published in De Telegraaf  (see news posted on September 30th, 2016). She saw him again backstage several weeks later with her Luv' colleagues (see news posted on December 18th,  2016). 

The latest issue of Dutch online magazine "Behind The Stars" features an article and pictures about this event:

Source: José Hoebee's Fan Page (Facebook), Behind The Stars

* On May 3rd, José and her dear friends Elly Domenie, Henk Koudijzer, Willem Meijerink and Willam van der Velden had a nice lunch at the Pizzeria Napoli in Best, Netherlands.

Photos by Elly Domenie - montage by Marco Rens

Source: José Hoebee Fan Page (Facebook)

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