lundi 11 juin 2018

Musical tribute to Benny Neyman

On June 9th, José Hoebee took part in a musical tribute to the late singer Benny Neyman who passed away in 2008. This event took place at the Holiday Inn in Eindhoven, NL. In addition to José, other artists (including Mieke, Jordy van Loon and Saskia & Serge) were present. 

José sang "Zoals Vrienden Doen" (the cover version of ABBA's The Way Old Friends Do in Dutch)

Hans van Barneveld, José Hoebee, Serge & Saskia, Edvard Niessing, Mieke and Jordy van Loon

Photos by Bert Wegener - Saskia & Serge Facebook page

José, Mieke and Willem van der Velden.

José and Benny had a special bond.  In 1984, Benny released his most successful album "Het Zwart Goud" (produced by José's husband Will). The LP included the Dutch #1 hit "Waarom Fluister Ik Je Naam Nog" and a beautiful ballad "Een Dag In Parijs" (featuring the background vocals of José). 

Een Dag in Parijs: a cover version of Jane Olivor's The French Waltz in Dutch

José and Benny were not only colleagues but they were real friends. The Luv' singer is still in touch with Benny's last partner Hans van Barneveld.

Source: Facebook

jeudi 24 mai 2018

Video: José on "Het Artiesten Festival"

Last December, José Hoebee took part in the taping of "Het Artiesten Festival", a music TV show broadcast on several Dutch local channels (RTV EEN. RTV Nunspeet and VOC Lokaal). The performance took place at the All-Inn Enjoy Schlosshotel Sophia in Bad Wünnenberg, Germany with fellow artists including Tina Trucker (see news posted on December 15th, 2017). 

José sang her solo hit "Secret Love" for the TV program:

Source:, YouTube

lundi 14 mai 2018

José @ By Mesh Amsterdam Fashion Show

Yesterday, José Hoebee attended the By Mesh Fashion Show at the College Hotel in Amsterdam. The Luv' singer was invited by Frank Scheers to this glamorous event. Aad Schaaij accompanied her. She posed for photographs with Dutch singer and former Eurovision Song Contest entrant Douwe Bob and the talented vocalist Petra Berger

Douwe Bob & José

Petra Berger & José

José & Aad Schaaij

Source: Facebook

dimanche 29 avril 2018

José's latest lunch and Little Bailey's birthday

José Hoebee's latest lunch with fans and friends took place at the café-restaurant Ambacht in Best, NL on April 26th. José's sister Ingrid de Groot, David Hay Gibson, Marco Rens, Jos Theuns, Yvonne Bal and Ine Foudraine were present. This convivial moment coincided with the 10th birthday of Little Bailey (David's lovely dog). 

 Photo montage by Marco Rens

Source: José Hoebee's Fan Page (Facebook)

vendredi 27 avril 2018

Picture of José in the latest issue of "ABBA Intermezzo Fan Club Magazine"

The editorial in the latest issue of the "ABBA Intermezzo Fan Club Magazine" features a beautiful picture of José Hoebee taken by Marco Rens. The Luv' singer posed with the previous issue of the magazine which included a behind-the-scenes interview with Marga Scheide and her as well as Marga's partner Michiel Gunning and Flemish author Stany Van Wijmeersch (see news posted on January 11th, 2018). 

Photo courtesy of Marco Rens

Source: ABBA Intermezzo Fan Club Magazine, Marco Rens

José on Anton's new radio show on Omroep Best

José Hoebee will be interviewed by Anton van Stekelenborg-Poirters on his brand new program "De Best Radio Show" on Dutch local station "Omroep Best" on May 6th between 7.00 pm and 9.00 pm. 

The playlist of the show will include the Spanish version of "Casanova" by Luv', "Mother of the Hearts" by Luv' (feat. José) and  "Zoals Vrienden Doen" by Bonnie St. Claire & José Hoebee

Source: Facebook

mercredi 25 avril 2018

Coming out soon: Bonnie St. Claire and Luv' compilations as part of the "Favorieten Expres" series

On April 27th, a new CD compilation by Bonnie St. Claire will come out as part of the "Favorieten Expres" series. The anthology will include Bonnie's greatest hits: I Won't Stand Between Them, Clap Your Hands And Stamp Your Feet (with Unit Gloria), Dr. Bernhard (with Ron Brandsteder), Bonnie Kom Je Buiten Spelen, Sla Je Arm Om Me Heen...The CD will also feature two legendary duets with José Hoebee: Cassandra and Zoals Vrienden Doen (cover versions of ABBA songs recorded in Dutch in the 1980s). 

Another "Favorieten Expres" compilation with Luv' hits is scheduled for release later this year. The release date has not been announced yet. 

Source: Martin Vink,, TV Oranje