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"Be My Baby" by Anny & José: 10th anniversary!!!

Ten years ago, in May 2009, the single entitled "Be My Baby" by Anny Schilder and José Hoebee, was released and put the ladies in the spotlight in the Netherlands and Flanders (Belgium). Let's celebrate the 10th anniversary of this duet.


In 2006, the original Luv' trio made a flamboyant comeback (see Chapter X of the group's biography). TV channels RTL 5 and VTM aired "Back In Luv", a reality TV show about their reunion. Universal Music put out "Completely In Luv", a box set including four albums from their heyday as well as bonus tracks and remixes. A DVD also entitled 'Back In Luv" came out. Luv' made a remarkable guest performance during De Toppers mega shows at the Amsterdam Arena in May 2006. The singers were booked for many live shows as well as corporate and private events. 

In addition to their activities with Luv', the ladies were busy with other projects. Patty Brard was involved in TV shows (including the entertainment news program "Shownieuws" and the paranormal talent show "De Nieuwe Uri Geller") on SBS 6. José Hoebee gave solo performances sporadically. 

On December 15th, 2008, José sang at a private gala in Benidorm, Spain with other artists (including Bonnie St. Claire and former BZN singer Anny Schilder). On that occasion, José and Anny got in touch and rapidly clicked. Anny asked José if she wanted to form a duo with her and to record a song together. Luv's lead singer accepted this offer. 

Anny & José decided to cover a Phil Spector pop classic "Be My Baby" originally performed by American girl group The Ronettes in 1963. 

In early 2009, Anny & José secretly recorded two versions of the track (in Dutch and English) at the Swamp Studio in Raamsdonk, Netherlands. Piet Souer (who co-wrote Luv' biggest hits with Hans van Hemert during their glory years) and José's husband Will Hoebee produced the song. 

Release and promotion

In April 2009, José posted a message on her official fan site (at the time hosted on Clubs.nl) to tell that she would soon announce "good news". 

On May 12th, 2009, the songstress finally revealed her secret project on "Shownieuws". 

On May 17th, Anny & José appeared on RTL 4's talk show "Life & Cooking" to present their single. On that occasion, the music video for "Be My Baby" premiered on this TV program. By the way, Jos Theuns and Peter Boonstra (of José's fan club) were part of the studio audience and were also interviewed. 

Be My Baby - English version

Be My Baby - Dutch version

On May 18th, Dutch record label Marista officially released "Be My Baby" as a CD single. The Dutch press (including newspapers De Telegraaf and Leeuwarder Courant as well as celebrity gossip magazines Story, Privé and Weekend) published articles about the duo.

Anny & José promoted their single on other TV shows (including TROS Muziekfeest, Mooi! Weer de Leeuw! and Hart van Muziek) and on the radio. They also gave live shows through the Netherlands and Belgium. 

Anny & José during the taping of  the Flemish music TV show "Muziektoppers" on June 21st, 2009 (Photo courtesy of Jos Theuns)

On August 29th, a fan club meeting took place at " 't Blauw Boerke", a café-restaurant in Best, Netherlands. This meet 'n greet afternoon included a live performance of the Dutch Show Company (as the opening act), a quiz hosted by journalist Marc van den Linden and a mini show of the ladies. I had the honour to attend this event.

José and me


Be My Baby released by Marista as a CD single on May 18th, 2009 

1. Be my baby (English version) 3:05
 (E.Greenwich/J.Barry/P. Spector - Publ: Universal Music)

2. Be my baby (Dutch version) 3:05
 (E.Greenwich/J.Barry/P.Spector/P. Souer - Publ: Universal Music)

Produced by Piet Souer and Will Hoebee
Arranged by Piet Souer
Sound engineer: Pieter de Boer
Recorded at Swamp Studio in Raamsdonk 
Photo: Woods Fotografie
Make-up: Jedidjah Kuijten

Chart performance

On June 20th, 2009 "Be My Baby" entered the Dutch Top 100 at #92 and only spent one week on the singles chart. The single was also a minor radio hit in Flanders (Belgium).

The End of Anny & José

Plans for a follow-up to "Be My Baby" were announced in the autumn of 2009. The two singers were supposed to record an album and to go on tour with a real live band (Sjans). But an unexpected event changed their projects. Anny and her ex-BZN colleague Jan Keizer reunited to sing their signature song "Mon Amour" at Mies Bouwman's 80th birthday show (broadcast on AVRO on December 30th, 2009). The reactions to Jan & Anny's performance were so positive that they decided to launch a duo in early 2010. They scored a Dutch Top 5 hit: "Take me to Ibiza". Their album "Together Again" went platinum. Keizer & Schilder success in Holland and Belgium (as well as in South Africa and Romania to a lesser extent) overshadowed Anny & José's partnership. 

In September 2010, José expressed her disappointment to ShowNu.nl because Anny devoted more time to Jan. However, live shows were scheduled until November 2010. Shortly afterwards, the ladies stopped their collaboration. 

In November 2016, José gave a series of eight solo performances at De Kaasboerin, a restaurant in De Mol/Postel, Belgium. Other artists (including Jan & Anny) performed as well. It was José's first meeting with Anny since the break-up of their duo six years earlier. Because they shared the same stage, they explained themselves about their misunderstanding and worked out their problems backstage (see news posted on November 18th, 2016). 

Anny Schilder, Kurt Crabbé, José Hoebee, Jan Keizer & Ive Rénaarts 

Anny & José - photo by Martin Vink

TV appearances and performances

* May 12th, 2009: Shownieuws (SBS 6, Netherlands)

* May 17th, 2009: Life & Cooking (RTL 4, Netherlands)

* May 29th, 2009: Interview on TV Oranje, Netherlands

* May 31st, 2009: Mooi! Weer de Leeuw! (Vara/Nederland 1, Netherlands)

* June 3rd and June 6th, 2009: Shownieuws (SBS 6, Netherlands)

* June 2009: Hart voor Muziek (broadcast on local TV channels including TV Orange and Omroep Brabant, Netherlands)

* Unknown broadcast date: Sterrenpalet (TROS/Sterren.nl, Netherlands)

* June 14th, 2009: Viva España (TROS/Sterren.nl, Netherlands)

* July 17th to July 24th, 2009: Muziektoppers (S Televisie, Belgium)

* July 7th, 2009: TV Limburg, Netherlands

* July 22nd, 2009: De Rode Loper (Een/VRT, Belgium)


* June 2009: interview on ThalsFM, Belgium

* June 29th, 2009: Interview on Radio Mfm, Belgium

*  August 16th, 2009: Performance on "Club Mi Amigo" (on Radio Mi Amigo, Belgium)

* September 7th, 2010: "Op z'n Hollands" on Omroep Drimmelen, Netherlands 

Public shows

* May 28th, 2009: Café Fout in Rotterdam, Netherlands

Augustus 1st, 2009Amstelpodium (Amsterdam Gay Pride), Netherlands

* February 16th, 2010: De Wieken in Vaassen, Netherlands

Anny & José in Vaassen (photo courtesy of Jos Theuns)

* April 25th, 2010: RadioNL Artiestenshow XL Outdoor in Grou, Netherlands

* April 29th, 2010:  Après Ski show in Vuuren, Netherlands

* June 5th, 2010: Ice rink in Lekkerkerk, Netherlands

* June 27th, 2010: Eindhoven, Netherlands

* August 10th, 2010: Gorkum, Netherlands

* September 4th, 2010: Hoornaar, Netherlands

* September 6th, 2010:  Roze Maandag in Geldrop, Netherlands

* September 23rd, 2010:  Sliedrecht, Netherlands

* November 5th, 2010: Asperen, Netherlands

Source: Former Luv' weblog archives, YouTube, 1981-2016 35 jaar solo José (defunct Facebook page - Jos Theuns)

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