lundi 29 avril 2019

Brabantian conviviality: José on the 50th broadcast of "Maandag Middag Matinee"

Earlier today, Luv' singer José Hoebee was interviewed by Twan Laanen and Anton van Stekelenborg-Poirters on the 50th live broadcast of their radio show "Maandag Middag Matinee" on Omroep Helmond

A couple of Luv' big fans (including Mark Maas) and José's sister Ingrid de Groot were present as well. 

José discussed the forthcoming Luv' trip to Miami where the ladies will record new material. She explained that she heard some demos but she didn't know what the final choice would be and how many tracks would be cut. The new song(s) will apparently be presented during Luv' fan club day at Quatre Bras in Best, Netherlands on June 30th.

The songstress also told anecdotes about Luv's glory years and her solo career. 

During the broadcast, I sent Anton a WhatsApp message to know if he could ask José a question about Luv' in Paris. José kindly answered it. She told that she took a private jet in the capital city of France with her Luv' colleagues, record executive Claude Carrere and his protégée Sheila

The radio show was streamed live on the " - Helmond" YouTube channel. It was pure Brabantian conviviality. The participants even ate pie between two songs. Anton and José improvised the famous "Trojan Horse" dance routine on camera. Mark's knowledge of the chart history of Luv' was impressive. He knew all the peak positions of the group's records on the Dutch Top 40, the exact date of their entry and the number of weeks they spent on the charts. 

The end of the show was emotional when Twan said his farewells to the listeners of Omroep Helmond. We wish him all the best. 

The playlist included Luv' and José's tracks:

U.O.Me - Luv'
You're the Greatest lover - Luv'
Si, Que Si (Spanish version of "Ooh, Yes I Do") - Luv'
All Around My Hat - José
Be My Baby (Dutch version) - Anny & José
Mr. Jones - José
Time Goes By - José
Getaway- Luv'
Trojan Horse - Luv'
Secret Love - José
Mother of the Hearts - Luv'
Zoals Vrienden Doen - Bonnie & José

Part 1

Part 2

Twan, Ingrid and José

Twan and José

Anton and José

Mark and José

Source: Facebook (Maandag Middag Matinee), YouTube ( - Helmond)

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