mardi 9 octobre 2018

Pics of José @ Top40van040

On October 5th, José Hoebee took part in the Top40van040 evening at the Effenaar, a venue in Eindhoven, Netherlands (see previous post). In addition to José, the other singers performing on that occasion were Lenny Kuhr (the legendary Eurovision Song Contest winner of 1969),  August Boers (Flyin' Spiderz), Kiki Mettler, Camilla Blue, Quintijn Lohman, Iris Penning, Dada and Trea Dobbs.  All of them were accompanied by the top band Betty Blue

A couple of days ago, three beautiful pictures of José performing at Top40van040 were posted on Facebook. Photos by Rob Geldens.

Source: Rob Geldens Fotografie (Facebook)

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