vendredi 19 octobre 2018

Party magazine: José Hoebee and fellow celebrities at Anneke Grönloh's memorial service

The latest issue of Party magazine features an article about Dutch celebrities (including José Hoebee) who attended recently Anneke Grönloh's memorial service in Woudenberg, Netherlands. The legendary Dutch singer passed away last month (see news posted on September 17th, 2018) and is buried in Arleuf, France. In addition to José, among the other guests were Willeke Alberti, Ria Valk, Ben Cramer, Justine Pelmelay, Ronnie Tobber, Saskia & Serge, Conny Vink, Jan Rot and Trea Dobbs

"Anneke was such a nice woman. I knew her because of several events we attended. I will always remember her humour. She was such a generous person. When my husband Will died in 2012, she asked me if I wanted to come to her house in France with my son in order to rest. For the Netherlands, Anneke Grönloh is such a classy singer. We have to respect her very much," José told Party.

Source: Party

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