samedi 25 novembre 2017

José: With Luv' from Boscafé De Rode Lelie!!!

Earlier this week, José Hoebee received a bouquet of flowers from the team of Boscafé De Rode Lelie, a café-restaurant in Oisterwijk, NL because she is a regular of this place. A beautiful picture was posted on the Facebook page of the restaurant. 

De Rode Lelie has started a ludic initiative on the social network. Its Facebook friends are invited to like and to share the photo of José. De Rode Lelie asks them these questions: "Don't you think that this star should perform at the Natuurtheater Oisterwijk next season? Solo or with the other Luv' ladies?"

As far as José is concerned, she would like to sing with her Luv' colleagues.

Facebook page of De Rode Lelie:

Source: Facebook

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