samedi 25 novembre 2017

José's latest monthly lunch at the Ambacht with fans & friends

José Hoebee's latest monthly lunch took place on November 23rd at the café-restaurant "Ambacht" in Best, NL with fans/friends Karin Angeleyes, Siegfried Stelte, Jos Theuns, Michael Verkooyen, Martin Vink as well as José's sister, Ingrid. It was a special occasion as Karin and Michael celebrated their 50th birthday. Once again a convivial moment.

On behalf of José's fan community, we wish Karin and Michael a happy birthday!!!

 Michael, Jos, Martin, José, Karin, Siegfried and Ingrid

 Photo courtesy of Siegfried Stelte & Jos Theuns - collage by Karin Angeleyes

Source: Facebook

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