dimanche 3 décembre 2017

In Memoriam: Nelleke Koen

Photo edited by Co Rnz

Earlier today, the death of Dutch TV producer Nelleke Koen was announced on Facebook.  May she rest in peace. José Hoebee often called Nelleke "her best (female) friend". 

Here's what the Luv' singer posted on her FB page:

Photo edited by Co Rnz

Translation in English: "My best friend...she isn't here anymore....I'm going to miss her a lot...So unfair...". 

Media personality Ger Lammens also expressed his grief on Facebook. "So Long dear, dear Nelleke. I'm totally devasted after the message announcing that the kind and sponatenous Nelleke Koen has passed away. What a terrible shock!...Recently Nelleke (media director of Omroep Max) came to visit me with her dearest friend José Hoebee. Dear Nelleke was more than a sister to José. All my thoughts are with her family, her many friends and our José (her Nellebelleke) who feels so sad...". 

Ger illustrated his beautiful text with a picture of Nelleke from 2014 with José and Luv' producer Hans van Hemert at the release party of "Noheyo". 

Hans, José & Nelleke

Source: Facebook

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