lundi 13 février 2017

José @ 50 Jaar ABTT

On February 11th, José Hoebee appeared on 192TV to celebrate the 50th anniversary of "ABTT" (Adje Bouman Top Tien), a personal music chart set up by Ad Bouman (sound engineer and DJ on the legendary Radio Veronica in its early years when it was an offshore station). 

Ad & José

The tribute program was broadcast live from the 192 & Demis Roussos Museum in Nijkerk, NL. In addition to José, many other Dutch media personalities, musicians, record producers, former radio DJs and pluggers (including Lex Harding, Willem van Kooten, Gerard Ekdom, Rob Stenders, Will Luikinga, Tineke de Nooy, Erik de Zwart, Peter Koelewijn, Ger Lammens and Jan van Veen) came to congratulate Ad Bouman

Source: Facebook, 192 TV

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