dimanche 26 février 2017

José Hoebee: latest news

* On February 16th, José and her sister Ingrid had a nice lunch with fans (Jos Theuns, Peter Pommelet, Rien Houet, Marco Rens and  Karin Angeleyes) at the Ambacht in Best, NL. Luv's lead singer expressed satisfaction about this meeting on her Facebook page. She even considered these fans as real friends.

from left to right: Peter, Jos, Marco, Ingrid, Karin, José and Rien
(photo courtesy of Jos Theuns)

* Earlier this month, Dutch celebrity gossip magazine "Party" published an interview with José. The singer discussed her return in her native village Best and the fact that she missed her son Tim who stayed in Hilversum. She also mentioned Luv'. "We worked very hard last year and in 2017 nice live performances are planned. Especially in the summer during events and festivals. People really enjoy our shows. I'm so surprised that the young generation sings along to our songs. I don't understand why but I like it. We still intend to record new music but we don't know when," she told. 

Source: Party, Facebook

* Yesterday, José was interviewed by Thomas Woolthuis for the paranormal magazine ParaVisie. The interview will be published in a couple of months.

José & Thomas

Source: Facebook

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