samedi 4 février 2017

José's party at Quatre Bras

Yesterday, the party to celebrate José Hoebee's return to her native village Best took place at the restaurant "Quatre Bras". Friends, family members (including her sister Ingrid) and fans (including Jos, Jennifer, Rien, Jacqueline, Siegfried, GertYvonne and Ben) were present.

Photo courtesy of Karin Angeleyes

Ingrid & José

Facebook friend Karin Angeleyes told me the highlights of the evening.

The singer performed "Be My Baby", a Luv' medley, "Trojan Horse", "You're the Greatest Lover" and "U.O.Me". Jane Onderwater & Karin Giebels also sang. One of the tracks they did was an ABBA medley at José's request. The Luv' lady even sang a few notes with them.

Source: Facebook

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