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José & David reunited again!!!

Photos by David Hay Gibson - Edited by Marco Rens

Yesterday was special to José Hoebee. Accompanied by her son Tim and her friend David Hay Gibson, the Luv' singer met American-British actor and singer David Soul and his wife Helen in Amsterdam. José had not seen David for many years. 

David Soul & José Hoebee

She got emotional because of this meeting and expressed satisfaction on her Facebook page. "I drove to Amsterdam with David Hay Gibson to meet my dear friend David Soul. Wow...We laughed, we cried, we hugged and we remembered the good old days. We had a fantastic evening with his dear wife Helen (who gave him the love he deserves) and my son Tim (whose presence was asked by David). Then we left each other with tears in our eyes and we promised to meet again," José wrote.

 Helen, José and David

 David, Helen, Tim and José

David Hay Gibson & David Soul

José's friendship with David dates back to 1981. The Luv' lady recorded background vocals on David Soul's album "The Best Days Of My Life" (produced by her husband Will). David had already reached fame and fortune with his role in the popular TV series "Starsky & Hutch". 

Article about a party organized after the recording of David Soul's album (featuring José's background vocals) in De Telegraaf (May 30th, 1981)

David Soul performing "Dreamers" (produced by Will Hoebee) on AVRO's TopPop - This single peaked at #41 on the Nationale Hitparade in the Netherlands and #20 on the Flemish Ultratrop in 1981

David singing "The Best Days of my Life" in Malibu (from a Dutch documentary 'Het Paard', broadcast on Dutch TV in 1982).

In October 1981, José and Will Hoebee got married. Their wedding reception took place in David Soul's villa in Los Angeles. 

David congratulating José and Will

 Article published in De Telegraaf on October 26th, 1981

José and David met on several occasions over the years. In the early 1990s, José planned to sing a new version of David's signature song "Don't Give Up On Us" in duet with him. However, nothing materialized. Instead, José and Dutch record producer Piet Souer recorded a demo of this track which appeared on the CD compilation "Alle Hits & Unieke Bonustracks" in 2005. 

When Will Hoebee passed away in 2012, David was the first to offer José his condolences. Then José lost trace of David. Earlier this year, the singer started a campaign on Facebook to find him again. Her quest paid off and now she is happy again.

Last month, David Soul and his former "Starsky & Hutch" co-stars, Paul Michael Glaser and Antonio Fargas were reunited at the latest Comic Con in London’s Docklands. They posed for photos alongside their iconic red and white Ford Gran Torino.

Antonio Fargas, Paul Michael Glaser & David Soul

Source: Facebook (José Hoebee's Fan Page), Luv' blog archives, YouTube, Daily Mail...

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