mercredi 28 novembre 2018

David Soul & José Hoebee in Story magazine

The latest issue of Dutch celebrity gossip magazine "Story" features an article about Starsky & Hutch star David Soul and Luv' singer José Hoebee. Recently, the two friends reunited in Amsterdam (see news posted on November 24th, 2018).

"In addition to acting, singing is David's passion," José told Story. "In 1981, Will [José's husband] produced his album and I was a backup singer. The album was not a hit but our collaboration led to a friendship," she added. José and Will even had their wedding reception at David's house in Los Angeles, CA. David even visited José after she gave birth to her son Tim in 1985.  

When Will Hoebee died in June 2012, David called José to offer his condolences. "Then I lost his phone number. I moved several times and I forgot to contact him. I've been thinking about David very often for a couple of years but I couldn't call him. I sent messages to his management but no-one answered," José explained. A couple of months ago, she received a message from an unknown sender telling that "David wanted to see her again". "I thought it was a joke. But it was really David. He was told that I started a campaign on Facebook to find him. He wanted to meet me and let me know when he was available in Amsterdam. The meeting happened last weekend. Recently, he's been on a meet & greet tour in the UK with his Starsky & Hutch colleague Paul Michael Glaser. He traveled to Amsterdam with his wife Helen. It was pure coincidence that he met my son Tim on his first day in Holland. David recognized him immediately. They had a drink and the day after I met them. We hadn't talked for years but it was as if I left David yesterday. We laughed, we cried and we promised to meet again. He lives in London with his wife. It takes one hour to fly there. David told me that Tim and I were welcome to his home. It's going to happen. I saved his phone number. I will never lose it again," José said.

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Source: Story, José Hoebee's Fan Page (Facebook)

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