dimanche 18 février 2018

José down memory lane with René and Hans!!!

Yesterday, Luv' singer José Hoebee had a lunch with long-time fan and friend René Moonen and legendary producer Hans van Hemert to discuss sweet memories of the group's glorious past. 

A couple of pictures (courtesy of René) were posted on Facebook

 René, José & Hans

René has a special place in the Luv' world. As a great lobbyist, he made prestigious projects possible in the 2000s: the double CD compilation "25 Jaar Na Waldolala" (see article posted on November 7th, 2013), the Box set "Completely In Luv'" and the "Back In Luv" DVD. On behalf of the fans, I want to thank him for his input!!!

René, José, Hans and Ria at the release party of "25 Jaar Na Waldolala"

Source: Facebook

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