dimanche 28 janvier 2018

Jos' pre birthday lunch with José and friends @ Koren

On January 25th, José Hoebee's latest lunch with fans/friends took place at the Koren bistro in Best, NL. This convivial moment was also the occasion to celebrate Jos Theuns' 70th birthday two days in advance. Jos and José have had a strong link since the launch of her solo career in late 1981. 

In addition to Jos, the Luv' singer spent a good time with Ingrid de Groot (her sister), David Hay Gibson (her friend and tour manager), Marco Rens (with whom I update the Luv' and José fan pages on Facebook), Martin Vink (that I've known for practically 10 years) and Rien Houet. I also had the privilege to be present as well.

I really enjoyed the presence of all the guests. It was also an honour to talk to David who helps the Luv' ladies. I intend to interview him for my Luv' blog. 

Photo courtesy of Marco Rens and Jos Theuns:

 from left to right: Rien, David, Ralph, José, Jos, Marco, Ingrid and Martin

José and Jos

José and Marco

 Me and José

José and Rien

Ingrid, Martin and Rien

David and Me

Source: Marco Rens, Jos Theuns

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