dimanche 27 août 2017

José's latest news

* On August 22nd, José Hoebee had a lunch at the café-restaurant "Ambacht" in Best, NL with fans/friends Marco Rens, Jos Theuns, Rien Houet, Ine Foudraine, Anton van Stekelenborg-Poirters and her sister Ingrid de Groot

Ingrid, Jos, José, Ine, Marco, Anton and Rien (photo credit: Jos Theuns)

Prior to the lunch, José took part in the filming of a promotional video for an ambitious project "Het Nederlandse Songbook", a music tour featuring Ingrid van Houwelingen and Robin McRay (Anton's stage name). This show will feature an interpretation in Dutch of "Mother of the Hearts", a solo track by José which appeared on Luv's album "Forever Yours" (released in late 1980). On October 6th, 2018 the "Nederlandse Songbook" will premiere at the theatre "De Schalm" in Veldhoven, NL at 8.00 pm. This is an ode to Dutch music. The duo will sing tracks by Ramses Shaffy, Liesbeth List, Robert Long, Wim Sonneveld, Karin Bloemen, Jasperina de Jong, Willeke Alberti, Annie MG. Schmidt, Boudewijn de Groot, Marco Borsato and José Hoebee (Luv'). Classics by international stars like Barbra Streisand and Charles Aznavour will be performed in Dutch as well. 

* On August 23rd, beautiful pictures of José at the country estate "de Utrecht" in Esbeek, North Brabant were posted by one of her friends, Willem van der Velden on Facebook. 

Source: Facebook

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