dimanche 30 juillet 2017

Interview with José Hoebee on RietmanShow

Jan Rietman

On July 25th, José Hoebee gave a short phone interview on MAX/NPO Radio 5's RietmanShow (hosted by Jan Rietman). The singer (who had the flu) discussed her time with Luv'. "We've been busy for one year and a half in the country. It happened because of booking requests. Marga and me, we enjoy it. Ria Thielsch (who already replaced Patty Brard) joined us. We like what we're doing. There's nothing better than coming to a venue where everybody knows your songs. Our tracks are still played in discos. It's so good that everybody still likes us after 40 years," José explained. 

When asked if Luv' still perform in their legendary outfits, José answered: "No we don't wear the same costumes because we are older. But we have outfits that are different from what we wear when we're in a supermarket. We have to look stunning. We don't sing in tee shirts and blue jeans". 

Luv's classic hit from 1979 "Ooh, Yes I Do" was part of the playlist of the radio program. 

Click here to listen the interview (José appears at 24:31). 

Source: NPO Radio 5

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