samedi 3 octobre 2015

Pics: José @ opening of "Café De Herinnering"

On October 1st, José Hoebee took part in the opening of "Café De Herinnering" (owned by Martino Burger and Joop Fluiter) in Schiedam, NL. The singer performed songs from the "Herinnering" album (cover versions of ABBA songs in Dutch) with Martino. Friends and fans attended the event. Among them were Jos Theuns, Jennifer Bostelaar, Ada Zwakenberg, Co Rnz, Karin Angeleyes, Michael Verkooyen, Pierre Brouwers, Yvonne Bal, Gert Schans, Ben Misterb and Peter Ouzo Boy Broos (aka Marga of Luv' Unlimited). 

Here are pictures of the event (courtesy of Karin Angeleyes, Jennifer Bostelaar, Co RnzJos Theuns & Peter Ouzo Boy Broos):

Source: Facebook

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