mercredi 30 septembre 2015

José @ Bart Bosch's CD release party

Dutch media personality Bart Bosch has released his new single entitled "Waarom fluister ik je naam nog" (Why I still whisper your name). The original version of the track was performed by Benny Neyman and produced by José's late husband Will Hoebee in 1985. The song hit the number one spot in the Netherlands. 

"Waarom fluister ik je naam nog" by Benny Neyman (1985)

Today Bosch's CD release party took place at Eetcafé 't Pandje in Hilversum. Bart invited José to this event to give her the first copy of his single and to perform it live in front of her. This song is a tribute to Will Hoebee (✝ 2012) and Benny Neyman (✝ 2008). 

José was moved and congratulated Bart on his rendition of this classic pop hit.

Click here to download "Waarom fluister ik je naam nog" by Bart Bosch.

Source: Bart Bosch's Facebook Page, iTunes, YouTube

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