samedi 15 novembre 2014

José's memories of ABBA

On November 9th, my Facebook friend Karin Angeleyes and Stany van Wijmeersch (author of the book entitled "Let's talk about ABBA") had an interview with José. The former Luv' singer discussed several subjects including "Herinnering" (the 1985 album featuring Dutch cover versions of ABBA songs in duet with Bonnie St. Claire) and the "ABBAcadabra" TV musical. 

Soon, Stany will post the interview on

José expressed satisfaction on her FB page about this meeting. She told a funny anecdote about her experience as an uncredited background singer on the debut album by Doris D. & The Pins. The recording sessions took place at ABBA's Polar recording studio in Stockholm. One of the tracks she cut was "Marvellous Marionettes" (a Dutch Top 10 hit in 1981):

Doris D. & The Pins : Marvellous Marionettes (featuring uncredited background vocals by José)

Source: Facebook (Karin Angeleyes, Let's talk about ABBA, José Hoebee).

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