samedi 15 novembre 2014

José & fans take Jos by surprise!!!!

Jos & José

Jos Theuns is a good friend of José and her greatest fan. He is also the lucky owner of her iconic pink and white striped dress (the singer wore it for the record sleeve of her biggest solo hit "I Will Follow Him"). 

Yesterday, Martin Vink, Karin Angeleyes and Ada Zwakenberg were supposed to meet Jos at his appartment to see his unique collector's item. But other people who were not invited came: José and other fans (Peter Boonstra, Marco Rens, Michael Verkooyen and Pierre). 

José and her faithful fans had lots of fun together. 

Jos had the time of his life....

José & Pierre


José & Peter

Karin & José

Michael & José

Source: Facebook (Jos Theuns, Peter Boonstra), Martin Vink....

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