samedi 21 juin 2014

Pictures: José at Midzomergracht Festival

Yesterday, José performed at the Midzomergracht Festival in Utrecht. In addition to her Luv' and solo hits (U.O.Me, You're the Greatest Lover, Trojan Horse, Be My Baby, I Will Follow Him), she sang her latest song "Noheyo". Fans (including Peter Boonstra, Jos Theuns, Karin Angeleyes, Mickael Verkooyen, Carlos K-ski), manager Dennis van Korven, hairdresser Grzegorz Miara and audio engineer Jan Plat were there. Pictures of the show have been posted on Facebook. 

 José & Carlos K-ski

 José & Peter Boonstra

 José & Karin Angeleyes

 José & Jan Plat

Grzegorz Miara

José & Jos Theuns

José & Mickael Verkooyen

José & the fans

Source: Facebook (Dennis van Korven, Peter Boonstra, Jos Theuns, Karin Angeleyes, Mickael Verkooyen, Carlos K-ski, Grzegorz Miara, Jan Plat)

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