jeudi 19 juin 2014

Happy José in "Weekend" and "Privé"!!!

In addition to today's edition of De Telegraaf (see previous post), José appears in the latest issues of Dutch celebrity gossip magazines "Privé" and "Weekend". Thanks Martin Vink and Karin Angeleyes for the tip!!!

These articles follow the release party of "Noheyo" (José's latest single) last week. 

José praises her new manager Dennis van Korven in Weekend. A beautiful picture of the singer with Dennis and hairdresser Grzegorz Miara has been published in the magazine.

Picture posted on Grzegorz Miara's Facebook page

Photos scanned by Jos Theuns

The article in Privé deals with José's happiness after two years of misfortune. The former member of Luv' said that she wasn't on antidepressants anymore.

Picture posted on Facebook by Karin Angeleyes

Photos scanned by Jos Theuns

Source: Weekend, Privé, Martin Vink, José Hoebee's Fan Club (Jos Theuns), Facebook (Grzegorz Miara and Karin Angeleyes)

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