samedi 7 juin 2014

José's Noheyo to be released on June 12th!!!

Get ready for "Noheyo", the latest single by José Hoebee!!! The digital download for the long-awaited song will be available on June 12th. It's the first release of the singer since Luv's break-up in 2012 and her first solo effort since the Dance remix of "I Will Follow Him" (that came out in early 2006). I would like to thank the generous people who collaborate with the artist: manager Dennis van Korven, producer Martin Sterken, sound engineer Jan Plat, promoter Casper Janssenphotographer Herman Erik Kuipermake-up artist Mark BorgersHairdresser Grzegorz Miara as well as Peter Boonstra and Jos Theuns (of José's official fan club). It's a teamwork!!!

Today, a special Facebook page to promote "Noheyo" has been created by Dennis

Moreover, the songstress will appear live on "TinekeShow", a MAX/Radio 5 show hosted by Tineke de Nooij on June 12th at 1.30 pm. 

Source: Dennis van Korven, Omroep MAX/Radio 5

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