mardi 3 juin 2014

José to perform on "Cliphuis op de Kermis"

On August 25th, José Hoebee and other artists (Dirk Meeldijk, Henk Bernard, John West, Frank Verkooyen, Daan Daantje, Joey Hartkamp, Jeff van Vliet, Barry van Vliet, William Burg, Lesley Williams, Pierre van Dam, Patrick & Bianca Dano and Stefan van den Houtwill) will be performing live on Cliphuis Televisie (a Dutch local web TV channel) during the funfair in Kruisland, NL. The show will start at 5.00 pm and will be hosted by Hans van Aalst and Thisismarly Marly. The program will be taped in assocation with Café - Restaurant de Commerce and  Maas Music & Entertainment

Source:, José Hoebee's Facebook Page

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