dimanche 9 juin 2019

José in Story: "I open my door for Bonnie!"

The latest issue of Dutch celebrity gossip magazine "Story" features an article about José Hoebee and her relationship with her long-time friend, pop singer Bonnie St Claire. José and Bonnie formed a successful duo in the 1980s to perform cover versions of ABBA songs in Dutch. They even scored two Top 40 hits: Cassandra (1984) and Zoals Vrienden Doen (The Way Old Friends Do - 1985). The ladies have been through ups and downs. José has no contact with Bonnie. However, the Luv' singer considers that Bonnie will always remain in her heart.

José also discusses the new single Luv' recorded recently in Miami. "It is a reggaeton track and it has Brazilian influences. It is a Luv' song in a new style. However, we keep on performing our old repertoire because this is why people attend our shows," she says. 

Luv's trip to Florida was not "sea, sun and beach". "The distances in America are different than in the Netherlands. Our recording studio was four hours (back and forth) within driving distance from our hotel. If you have to travel that much in a day, there is no time left for leisure. Moreover, we also gave interviews to local TV channels...We also plan to go back there in autumn," she tells.

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