mercredi 10 avril 2019

Interview with José on NPO Radio 5's show "Volgspot"

José in NPO Radio 5's studio in Hilversum, Netherlands
Photo by David Hay Gibson

Yesterday, José Hoebee was interviewed by Astrid de Jong on her show "Volgspot" on KRO-NCRV/NPO Radio 5. This broadcast was part of the "week of the 1970s" on the radio station. The singer discussed her amazing career: her debut with her sisters and her best friend Ad van Genechten in a folk group, Luv's first single entitled "My Man" which was boycotted due to a hostage-taking in a Dutch train in 1977, the breakthrough hit single "U.O.Me" (theme from a popular Dutch TV series in 1978), the fact that José didn't like the trio's best selling record "You're the Greatest Lover" at first, the story of the song "Mother of the hearts", the recruitment of Luv's new member Chimène van Oosterhout, the release of Luv's new material and the fan club meeting  on June 30th at the Quatre Bras restaurant in Best, Netherlands (including a menu with three courses named after each member of the group). 

Click here to listen to Volgspot (the interview starts at 50:39). 

Photos by David Hay Gibson

Source: José Hoebee's fan page (Facebook), NPO Radio 5

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