dimanche 10 mars 2019

José's latest media news: DenD and Radio M Utrecht

* José Hoebee and her 12-year-old dog Toontje appear in the latest issue of Dutch magazine DenD (Ditjes & Datjes). The Luv' singer tells that the pet initially belonged to showbiz and royalty expert Marc van der Linden. Because Marc is allergic to dog hair, he gave Toontje to José.

Photo by Co Rnz

Source: José Hoebee Fan Page (Facebook)

* On March 7th, José and musicals producer Hans Cornelissen gave an interview on Conny Kraaiyeveld's show "Aan Tafel" on Radio M Utrecht. They discussed music, theater and TV programs from the 1980s. José talked about the current situation of Luv', her glorious past with the group and her successful solo career (including her classic hit "I Will Follow Him" in 1982 and her duets with Ron Brandsteder and Bonnie St Claire). Luv's tour manager David Hay Gibson accompanied José

José and Hans
Photo courtesy of David Hay Gibson

José, Conny, David and Hans
Photo courtesy of David Hay Gibson

Click here to listen to part 1 of the interview and here to listen to part 2. 

Source: Official Luv' and José Hoebee Fan Page (Facebook), Radio M Utrecht

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