mercredi 25 avril 2018

Coming out soon: Bonnie St. Claire and Luv' compilations as part of the "Favorieten Expres" series

On April 27th, a new CD compilation by Bonnie St. Claire will come out as part of the "Favorieten Expres" series. The anthology will include Bonnie's greatest hits: I Won't Stand Between Them, Clap Your Hands And Stamp Your Feet (with Unit Gloria), Dr. Bernhard (with Ron Brandsteder), Bonnie Kom Je Buiten Spelen, Sla Je Arm Om Me Heen...The CD will also feature two legendary duets with José Hoebee: Cassandra and Zoals Vrienden Doen (cover versions of ABBA songs recorded in Dutch in the 1980s). 

Another "Favorieten Expres" compilation with Luv' hits is scheduled for release later this year. The release date has not been announced yet. 

Source: Martin Vink,, TV Oranje

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