mercredi 14 mars 2018

José @ Musical Tribute to Hans Vermeulen

Last fall, legendary singer, musician and songwriter Hans Vermeulen died at age 70 (see news posted on November 10th, 2017). José Hoebee had the honour to collaborate with him in the 1980s. The Luv' singer was devasted by his passing. She considered him "the best singer from the Netherlands". 

On April 8th, José will be part of the event known as "Copyright©Hans Vermeulen" to pay tribute to Hans. The homage (hosted by media personality Tineke de Nooijwill be held at "de Boerderij" in Zoetermeer, NL and is already sold out.

Among the other guests are Anita Meyer, Jody Pijper, Jan Rietman, Bert Heerink, Ton op ’t Hof, Dianne Marchal, Polle Eduard, Len Bouman, Beau Wassenbergh, Hans Jansen, Lex Bolderdijk, Andre Sommer, Martha Pendleton, Ron Knoester, Eric Tagg, Tim Vermeulen, Edward Reekers, Shell Schellenkens, Marcel Schimscheimer, Juan Antonio Caffiero, Erik Westra, Suzanne Michels and Dennis Pajic.

The March 11th edition of the local newspaper "Delft op Zondag" featured an article about this special event. Thanks Hans R. De Vries for sending me a copy of it.

Source: Facebook, Delft op Zondag,

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