vendredi 15 décembre 2017

José's solo performances @ Tina Trucker & Friends Artiestenreis Sauerland.

Recently, José Hoebee gave a series of solo performances as part of "Tina Trucker & Friends Artiestenreis Sauerland". Fellow artists performed as well: Tina Trucker, Mick Harren, Henk Damen, Jaman, Ramon Beense, Hessel Wijkstra, Johnny Sleegers, Annabel Anderson, De Hollandio's, John Enter, Tina Rosita, Ivo van Rossum, Mike Griek, Nelis Heesbeen and Patrick Gerets.

These shows took place at the All-Inn Enjoy Schlosshotel Sophia in Bad Wünnenberg, Germany. Some of José's songs were used for the taping of "Het Artiesten Festival", a music TV show on Dutch local channel RTV EEN

On December 10th, the singer, accompanied by her sister Ingrid, arrived under the snow at the hotel and went back home yesterday. She sang Luv' and solo tracks. Luv' fan Rien Houet was present as well. 

José expressed satisfaction about her participation in "Het Artiesten Festival" on her Facebook page. 

Pictures & videos (credits: Rien HouetJack van Raamsdonk, Dina Plat, Ramon Beense)

Ingrid de Groot, Ramon Beense & José Hoebee

José Hoebee & Jack van Raamsdonk

Secret Love

Be My Baby

So Long Marianne

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