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José's tribute to Hans Vermeulen

In Memoriam: Hans Vermeulen (1947 - 2017)

Yesterday, the Dutch media announced the death of singer, musician and songwriter Hans Vermeulen at age 70 on the Thai island Ko Samui. May he rest in peace.

He started his career as the lead singer of the rock band Sandy Coast in 1961. Sandy Coast scored several hits on the Dutch and Flemish charts ("I see your face again" (1968), "Capital punishment" (1969), "True love that's a wonder" (1971), "Summertrain" (1972) and "The eyes of Jenny" (1981).

Sandy Coast - True love that's a wonder (1971)

As a producer, he worked with several artists (including Margriet Eshuijs, Hans de Booij and Ruth Jacott). In 1976, he wrote and produced the #1 hit "The Alternative Way" performed by Anita Meyer

Anita Meyer: The Alternative Way (1976)

Hans was also one of the voices of Jaap Eggermont's studio project "Stars on 45" which was a worldwide success in 1981. He won two prestigious prizes (Edison award in 1977 and Gouden Harp in 1987). 

In the 1990s he moved to Thailand. 

José Hoebee & Hans Vermeulen (2014)

José Hoebee had the honour to collaborate with him. In 1984, Hans and she recorded the demo of "I Love You" (a medley of "Nights of white satin" and "I (Who Have Nothing)" as a duet. This song appeared as a bonus track on the Luv' compilation "25 Jaar Na Waldolala" in 2003. José released it as a solo single backed with a cover version of "Should I Be Lonely" (originally performed by Hans) on the B-side. 

I Love You by José & Hans Vermeulen (1984)

In 1985, he wrote the Dutch lyrics of two tracks for the "Herinnering" LP (including cover versions of ABBA songs by José and Bonnie St. Claire): "Is 't Zo Bedoeld" (I Let The Music Speak) and "Een Man" (One Man One Woman). He played the bass guitar and recorded background vocals on this duet album.

In 1986, he co-produced with Will Hoebee José's single "All Around my hat" (a cover version of an English folk song made famous by Steeleye Span in 1975). This track was backed with "Caroll" (written by Vermeulen) on the B-side. 

José: All Around My Hat (1986) - featuring Hans playing the guitar

José really respected him and was devasted when she heard of his passing.

Here's the message she has posted earlier today on Facebook:

"I've received so many kind messages about the death of Hans Vermeulen. No need to add something else about this sad news. He knew my adoration towards him. I've often expressed these feelings on Facebook. I even sent him a private message to ask him if I drove him crazy. His answer was: "Compliments are always fine, José! You don't drive me crazy!". I'm so proud of his collaboration with me. He had the best voice and many people agree with me. I liked his humour and his nice character. I wish there was a hereafter and that he was together with my husband Will, his brother Jan and other friends to enjoy a beer. I want to believe it....And that we'll meet again...."

Here's what she told Dutch newspaper De Posthoorn: "My hero Hans is not here anymore...I'm devastated. I'm so happy that I could express my admiration towards him. I'm so proud of his collaboration with me....the best thing I've ever done..."I love you"....a demo duet with him...I'm so sad."

Source: NOS,, Volkskrant, social media....

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