jeudi 20 juillet 2017

José Hoebee in Party: "We feel like we are sisters!"

The latest issue of Party magazine features an article about Luv's singer José Hoebee. The songstress discusses the recent anniversary party of Luv' that took place at the Quatre Bras restaurant in Best, NL (see news posted on July 9th, 2017). 

"It was so great and we had lots of fun. Everybody was enthusiastic and the weather was fantastic. People came from far away to celebrate the party with us. It was a lucky moment that lasted six hours," José tells. 

Patty Brard didn't attend the event. Some media wrote that she was missing. "We didn't miss anybody," José asserts. "To me, Patty belongs to my past. Our collaboration is over. If I thought that Patty would come to the party? It may sound weird but I didn't think about it. The media underline her absence. Of course, Patty is part of the history of Luv'. But she declared that she didn't want to be associated with Luv' anymore. This is her choice," José explains. 

Someone else was missing too: record producer and songwriter Hans van Hemert who launched the group in 1977.  Recently, he seriously injured after falling from a tree on his property in the South of France (see news posted on July 5th, 2017). Now he is wearing a corset. 

Luv' performed their greatest hits during their performance. The audience sang along which created a wonderful atmosphere. "We wanted to shorten our show because of the heat. Fans shouted "We want more! so the show lasted longer than expected," José adds.

Moreover, Luv's lead singer expresses satisfaction with the current line-up of the trio. "I've known Marga for forty years. If she doesn't call for a day I think that there's something going on. We have daily contact even if she is in her house in Ibiza. With Ria everything's fine too. We feel like we are sisters!," she says enthusiastically.  

Source: Party

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