jeudi 18 mai 2017

José in "ParaVisie"

The latest issue of Dutch paranormal magazine "ParaVisie" features an interview with José HoebeeEarlier this year, she answered the questions of medium Thomas Woolthuis

In the beginning, José was reluctant to express her opinion on paranormal issues. "No Thomas. I don't want to give this interview. I have nothing to do with spirituality and I don't want to take part in it and I will never do it. Actually I don't like things that are vague. I believe in what my eyes can see, what my ears can hear and what my hands can touch. Maybe I'm afraid about things I cannot explain," José first told the medium.

But Thomas was persuasive and convinced the Luv' singer to discuss her experience with inexplicable phenomena (including signs from her late husband Will who passed away five years ago). She even admitted she was a bit superstitious. 

Click on the images to enlarge them (scan by Jos Theuns):

Source: Facebook, José Hoebee's Facebook Page, Marco Rens....

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