samedi 29 avril 2017

Interview with José Hoebee in "Story"

Last week, Dutch celebrity gossip magazine Story featured an interview with José Hoebee. An excerpt was posted on the website of the publication. Here's an translation in English:

"Every week Dutch celebrities answered questions about their lives. This week's issue deals with José Hoebee

What are you the most afraid of?
José: "That someting terrible happened to my son Tim. Now he's 32 and he doesn't live with me anymore. But I remain a worried mother."

Which part of your body do you want to change?
José: "When I was young, I thought my shoulders were not broad enough. Now I'm 63 and there are some things I'm not satisfied of. I don't like injections and surgery."

Wat is your guilty pleasure?
José: "Unfortunately I still smoke. I could stop it but actually I don't want it yet."

Who was your greatest love?
José: "My husband Will who died five years ago. We'd been 35 years together. I've never had such a big love and I will never have a new one anymore."

How would you rate your life?
José: Until the death of Will, 10 out of 10. Now 8 out of 10. I enjoy my life with my friends and my performances with Luv' but it will never be perfect again."

Click here to read the original Dutch version of the interview. 

Source: Story

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