vendredi 18 novembre 2016

Anny & José make up!!!

Anny Schilder, Kurt Crabbé, José Hoebee, Jan Keizer & Ive Rénaarts 

José Hoebee gave a series of eight performances at De Kaasboerin, a restaurant in De Mol/Postel, Belgium (see news posted on November 16th, 2016). The last show took place yesterday.

Other artists (including ex-BZN singers Jan Keizer & Anny Schilder) performed as well. It was José's first meeting with Anny since the break-up of their duo six years ago. In 2009, the ladies teamed up and recorded a cover version of the 1960's classic pop hit "Be My Baby" (originally performed by The Ronettes). They toured the club and festival circuit in the Netherlands and seemed to match well artistically. They even intended to record a full-length album and to go on tour with a real live band. Unfortunately, these projects were cancelled after Anny formed another duo with Jan and had a huge success in Holland and Belgium (as well as in South Africa and Romania to a lesser extent). José felt abondoned by Anny at that time.

Because they shared the same stage at De Kaasboerin, the ladies explained themselves about their misunderstanding and worked out their problems. 

José & Anny (photo courtesy of Martin Vink)

Here's what the Luv' singer wrote yesterday about this issue on Facebook: "Today was the end of a series of eight afternoon performances....Together with Kurt Crabbé, Ive Rénaarts with Anny and Jan....Very emotional after eight days. I had a good talk with Anny...There's been so much misunderstanding....After Anny and I recorded a duet, Jan Keizer asked her to form a duo. She accepted. And I understand it. She was told that I didn't want to carry on with her and I was told that she wanted to stop our partnership. Everything seemed to be untrue. I've never been angry. But I was very disappointed. We never had a chance to discuss it. Now it's different. Anny is a nice girl...We laughed about the misunderstanding....Jan is also very cool....I've become wiser....".

Source: Facebook

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