samedi 1 octobre 2016

José in Privé: "I'm fed up with dates!"

The latest issue of Privé magazine features an article about José Hoebee. Four years ago, her husband, record producer Will Hoebee passed away. She suffered from depression. Several friends (including TV personality Viola Holt and Marga Scheide) helped her. But happy days are here again. The singer is busy with Luv'

Though she missed Will, she made an attempt to look for a new man. "I have many requests, also via Facebook," José says. "Most of the time I don't react to them. But after a long time of hesitation I decided to give it a try. Recently I got in touch with a man via Facebook. He sent a picture of him. He looked handsome. I was so enthusiastic about this photo that I shared it with friends. They were very supportive and happy for me. But one of them recognized him and warned me. I don't want to tell all the details about it but I preferred to cancel the rendez-vous. I won't plan dates via Facebook anymore. I'm fed up with them," the Luv' lady explains.

Here's a scan of the article (thanks to René van Ooijen!):

Source: Privé

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