vendredi 28 octobre 2016

José in 'Listen to the man with the golden voice'

Recently Dutch writer Twan Linders has published a book entitled ‘Listen to the man with the golden voice’ including interviews with legendary singers, musicians and producers: Boudewijn de Groot, Armand, Alides Hidding (Time Bandits), Bert Heerink (Vandenberg), Toni Willé (Pussycat), Henk Temming (Het Goede Doel), Joost Timp (Bloem), Ferdi Bolland (together with his brother he wrote and produced Falco's #1 hit single 'Rock me Amadeus"), José Hoebee (Luv'), Nico Arzbach (De Dijk), Zjef Naaijkens (RK Veulpoepers BV), Erik Mesie (Toontje Lager), Peter de Wijn (G’race and composer of "No more bolero’s", "Ik verscheurde je foto" and many other hits) as well as Henk Westbroek (about the influence of author Willem Frederik Hermans on the lyrics of his songs).

José discussed her career as the lead singer of Holland's greatest girl group.

To buy a copy of the book (€16.95) please send a mail to

Source: Uitgeverij Catharsis, Facebook

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