samedi 20 août 2016

José in "Party" magazine

The latest issue of Dutch celebrity gossip magazine "Party" features an article about José Hoebee. In showbiz, as long as the tabloid press talks about a celebrity, it's good for her or his publicity. It means that she or he exists. However I don't really appreciate this article which is not laudatory. It deals with José's phobia about public transport. It started in Paris more than 40 years ago. This bad event had a huge impact on the singer. José prefers to be chauffeured. Last year, SBS 6's entertainment news program "Shownieuws" and newspaper "AD" also reported this phobia (click here and here to read posts about this subject). 

Moreover, Party mentioned the difficulties of recent times (the death of her husband in 2012 and her best friend Ad in April 2015 as well as her feud with Patty Brard and her sister Marijke). The only positive aspect that the magazine reports is the current comeback with Luv'

Here's the article scanned by Jos Theuns:

Source: Facebook, Party

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