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"Herinnering" by Bonnie & José: 30th anniversary

Thirty years ago, in December 1985, RCA Records released the album "Herinnering" by Bonnie St. Claire and José Hoebee. A wonderful tribute to ABBA's music. This opus featured two Dutch Top 40 hits: "Cassandra" and "Zoals Vrienden Doen".....


In 1984, Bonnie and José decided to form a duo to cover songs of ABBA in Dutch long before the revival of interest in the music of the Swedish Fab FourTheir first duet single "Cassandra" peaked at #24 on the Top 40 and #19 on the Nationale Hitparade in the Netherlands (see article posted on July 7th, 2014). In 1985, they were involved in the ABBAcadra project (see article posted on March 16th, 2015). Later that year, they put out the single "Zoals Vrienden Doen" (the cover of ABBA's The Way Old Friends Do). The track became the signature song of the duo. It reached #36 on the Top 40 and #18 on the Nationale Hitparade (see article posted on August 8th, 2015). 

After this respectable success on the charts, the ladies decided to continue their professionnal relationship. They had the opportunity to release a full-length album entitled "Herinnering". Will Hoebee (José's husband), then a sought-after producer, supervised the recording sessions which took place at the prestigious Wisseloord Studios in Hilversum, NL. Eurovision Song Contest conductor Harry van Hoof was the arranger. 

The LP came out simultaneously with the single "Waarom" (the cover of "Move On" performed by Bonnie & José (with Ron Brandsteder) which peaked at #35 on the Nationale Hitparade

Bonnie & José (with Ron): Waarom (1985)

In 1986, the ladies taped a TV special in Sweden to promote the album. Björn Ulvaeus (of ABBA) was interviewed for this show and approved their work (see article posted on September 27th, 2013). 

                                     Björn Ulvaeus on "Bonnie & José in Sweden" (NCRV, 1986)


The album was only released on vinyl and cassette. It never came out officially on CD though (a now defunct service) sold digitized and restored copies online and through ABBA Fan Club Shop in the 2000's. When Bonnie & José made a brief comeback a couple of years ago, they planned to re-issue it on CD with bonus tracks (see news posted on October 1st, 2013). Shortly afterwards, a Facebook page was launched by Karin Angeleyes to support this initiative (click here to see it). To this day, this project has never seen the light of day. 

Commercial response and chart performance

"Herinnering" entered the Nationale Hitparade Elpee Top 75 in Holland at #73 on January 25th, 1986 and only spent one week on the album chart. Though it wasn't really popular, the record achieved cult status among the admirers of the duo and the community of ABBA fans. 

Back cover

Track listing  

Music by Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus

A side: 
  • Zoals Vrienden Doen (The Way Old Friends Do) -3:12 / Dutch lyrics by Benny Neyman
  • De Flierefluiter (The Piper) - 3:24 / Dutch Lyrics by Harm Bremer
  • Waarom (Move On) - 4:34 / Featuring Ron Brandsteder /Dutch lyrics by R. Brandsteder / additional music by Stig Anderson
  • Is 't Zo Bedoeld (I Let The Music Speak) - 5:23 / Dutch lyrics by Hans Vermeulen
  • Chiquitita - 5:22 / Dutch lyrics by Harm Bremer
  • Ligt Dat Nou Aan Jou Of Aan Mij (Why Did It Have To Be Me) - 3:24 / Dutch lyrics by Joost Timp

B side:
  • Herinnering (Andante, Andante) - 4:32 / Dutch lyrics by Harm Bremer
  • Zonder Hem (Soldiers) - 4:35 / Dutch lyrics by Edward Reekers
  • Cassandra - 4:55 / Dutch lyrics by Benny Neyman
  • Weet Wel Wat Je Doet (Lovers) - 3:24 / Dutch lyrics by Simon Been
  • Een Man (One Man One Woman) - 4:44 / Dutch lyrics by Hans Vermeulen
  • Vriendschap (Arrival) - 3:00 / Dutch lyrics by Pieter Boer


Arranged By – Harry van Hoof

Bass Guitar – Jan Vermeulen

Choir – Edward Reekers, Hans Vermeulen, Hilde Vermeulen, Jody Pijper

Design – Spiral Studio

Drum  – Max Werner

Grand Piano, Synthesizer – Hans Jansen, Harry van Hoof

Guitar – Lex Bolderdijk

Liner Notes – Skip Voogd

Management – Double Entertainment

Photography By – Govert de Roos

Producer – Albert Hol, Will Hoebee

Saxophone – Gerbrand Westveen

Technician [Sound] – Pieter Boer

Recorded and engineered at Wisseloord Studios Hilversum 

© 1985 RCA Records BV. 

Source:,, Facebook, YouTube

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