mardi 13 octobre 2015

Pics: José's matinee with Dutch Show Company

On October 11th, José Hoebee's matinee with Dutch Show Company (fronted by Anton van Stekelenborg) took place at Musis Sacrum in Eindhoven, NL. The singer and the party band performed several tracks from her back catalogue (Luv' and solo) as well as other evergreens: Lullaby of spring, Secret love, All I have to do is dream, I will follow fim, Crying in the rain, My Happiness, Miss you nights, Who's sorry now, So long Marianne, Be my baby, U.O.Me, You're the greatest lover, Casanova, Trojan Horse, De Flierenfluiter, Ligt het aan jou of aan mij and Zoals vrienden doen. Fans and friends attended the performance.

Here are pics of the event (courtesy of Anton van Stekelenborg and Co Rnz)

Source: Facebook

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