jeudi 10 septembre 2015

José in "Stars of 80s Dance Pop"

Earlier this year, American author and Facebook friend James Arena published a book entitled "Stars of 80s Dance Pop - The European Edition" (see news posted on March 9th, 2015). He interviewed more than 50 European Dance-pop artists from the 1980s (including Pete Burns of Dead or Alive, Sabrina Salerno, Thomas Anders of Modern Talking, Spagna, Amii Stewart, Ryan Paris, Caroline Loeb, Desireless, Fab Morvan of Milli Vanilli, Leee John of Imagination, Liz Mitchell of Boney M., Hazell Dean, Yazz, Jo Bogaert of Technotronic, Taco, Mai Tai and  Hollywood entertainer Mel Brooks). 

Former Luv' lead singer José Hoebee has got a magnificent chapter in the book (see news posted on May 10th, 2015). She discussed her glory years as a member of Holland's greatest girl group and as a solo artist. Today Dutch photographer Chris van de Vooren has sent me this picture of the songtress posing with the book:

Photo credit: Chris van de Vooren, Almere NL

Once again, I would like to thank José for her confidence and James Arena for his interview with her.

You can buy one copy of "Stars of 80s Dance Pop - The European Editionby clicking here.

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