samedi 16 mai 2015

Interview with José on Wekker-Wakker-Weekend!

Jan Rietman & José

Today, José Hoebee was the guest of Jan Rietman on his morning radio show "Wekker-Wakker-Weekend!"on NPO Radio 5 Nostalgia

The artist discussed the usual subjects: her family background, her debut with her sisters and a friend in a folk group, her Luv' years, her ups and downs, the recently published book "The Story of Luv"....She called Nelleke Koen (executive producer at Dutch public broadcaster Omroep MAX) her "best friend". Nelleke took care of José three years ago when she was in trouble. After the death of her husband, record producer Will Hoebee and the break-up of Luv', she had financial difficulties and got herself into a hole.

When asked "how happy" she was, the ex-Luv' singer answered: "I try to do my best...I'm surrounded by very good friends but when I'm home, I'm still lonely". 

She also told that she planned to perform again. 

The playlist of the program features songs by Harry Nilsson, Hans Vermeulen ("the best singer of the world" according to the songstress), Paul Anka, Andrew Sisters, Roger Daltrey (of The Who), David Soul and Raffaella Carrà...

Facebook friend Karin Angeleyes posted the radio interview on YouTube. I would like to thank her!

You can also listen to the program by clicking here

Source: NPO Radio 5 Nostalgia, Facebook (Karin Angeleyes)

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