dimanche 22 février 2015

José's Facebook message about Luv's photo book

Luv' circa 1978/1979

On February 20th, José Hoebee posted a positive message on Facebook about the release of "The Story Of Luv" (the long-awaited photo book about Holland's greatest girl group).

Here's a translation in English of her text:

"It's going to take a little while....but the book is going to come out....Simply a very kind and positive story about our career....With beautiful and never before published photos. Let us be happy about it...And Proud....Peter Boonstra has done his best to conceive it. With a helping hand of top photographers and stories about us....Simply positive...Really....And we have found a good friend who distributes the book...And he does it with pleasure...Too Kind...."

Source: José Hoebee's Facebook Page

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