jeudi 9 octobre 2014

José's brief appearance in Danny Mirror's music video

The music video of "No Jailhouse Rock" (the latest single of Danny Mirror (the stage name of Eddy Ouwens) has been uploaded to YouTube. José briefly appears in the video (at 0:14) and lip-syncs to Ouwens' track. Other Dutch celebrities also participate: Tineke de Nooij, Ria Valk, George Baker, Jacques Herb, Clown Bassie, Viola Holt....Last month, the former Luv' singer took part in the shooting of "No Jailhouse Rock" (see news posted on September 17th, 2014). 

Danny Mirror scored a big hit with his single "I Remember Elvis Presley" in Europe in 1977. "No Jailhouse Rock" is once again a tribute to the "King of Rock and Roll". 

Source: YouTube, José Hoebee Facebook Page

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