mardi 5 août 2014

José's latest news: Kermis TV, Toppers van Oranje, Canal Parade (Amsterdam Gay Pride), cancellation of a live performance with DSC

* On July 21st, José participated in the "Roze Maandag" (one of the biggest gay event in the Netherlands) (see news posted on July 22nd, 2014). In addition to her performance on the RozeMaandagExpres, the Pride March, her presence at Roy Donders' Paleis and several TV interviews (Shownieuws, Omroep Brabant, Zoomin TV), the singer also enjoyed the fun fair with Kermis TV host Ron Schuurkes:

                  Post by Kermis TV.

* On July 27th, José took part in the taping of "Toppers van Oranje",  a music show on TV Oranje at "De Rietzoom" in Kropswolde, NL. She performed her latest song "Noheyo" and her biggest solo hit "I Will Follow Him". Pictures of this TV performance have been posted on Facebook:

José on "Toppers van Oranje"

Source: José Hoebee's Facebook Page,

* On August 2nd, José attented the Canal Parade (Amsterdam Gay Pride) on the Corendon boat with her friend Viola Holt, her manager Dennis van Korven and her hairdresser Grzegorz Miara. Other Dutch celebrities (including Jan Smit, Sandra Reemer and Marc van den Linden) were there too. 

Dennis, José and Viola

Grzegorz, José and Dennis

Dennis, Viola, José and Grzegorz

Mike Starink and José 

Source: Facebook

* José's live performance with the Dutch Show Company in Sint-Oedenrode on August 31st has been cancelled. 

Source: Anton van Stekelenborg's Facebook Page

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