samedi 5 juillet 2014

José's reaction to Gerard Joling's rude remarks

Gerard Joling Vs José Hoebee

Recently Story magazine published a sensationalist article entitled "Colleagues let José down". According to the celebrity gossip publication, Bonnie St. Claire, Patty Brard and Anny Schilder turned their back on the former Luv' singer. Miss Hoebee was misquoted in the article. Then Gerard Joling told Story that "José was bitter". "She'd better work instead of complaining," the pop singer said. He also mentioned Bonnie. "Yes, she has a drinking problem but at least she is busy. José should follow her example," the entertainer added.

A couple of days ago, José reacted to Gerard's attack on Facebook. "He says I'm embittered. Hey! Where has he been the past three months when I was working on my comeback? I want to be positive and his words cut like a knife...Call me and ask me what's right or wrong instead of speaking to the tabloid press. I've never said something negative about please don't criticize me because you've never talked to me!," José wrote.

This message provoked discussion. Many fans "liked" it and Weekend magazine even published an excerpt from José's post. 

Source: Story, José Hoebee's Facebook Page

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