lundi 16 juin 2014

The music video for "Noheyo" shot today in Oss

José Hoebee at De Ontmoeting (Oss) with Pien, Sophie and Madelief.

Today the music video for "Noheyo" (José's latest single) has been shot at the café De Ontmoeting in Oss, a city in the southern Netherlands. Three young girls (a blonde, a dark blonde and a brunette) named Pien, Sophie and Madelief have been recruited as background dancers. They are supposed to be a reminder of Luv'Their choreography is reminiscent of the legendary "Trojan Horse" routine. 

"We want to recreate the atmosphere of what we made on TopPop (AVRO's iconic music show hosted by Ad Visser). Three girls play the role of Marga Scheide, Patty Brard and me. Their choreography looks like what we did when we performed "Trojan Horse," José told Dutch newspaper Brabants Dagblad

The location for the video was the idea of Casper Janssen who is in charge of José's promotion. This short film will increase the media exposure of Noheyo!!!

Source: Brabant Dagblad,

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