samedi 14 juin 2014

Radio interviews with José

Facebook friend Karin Angeleyes posted two recent radio interviews with José Hoebee on YouTube. I would like to thank her. The singer promoted her new single "Noheyo". 

On June 12th, José was interviewed by Tineke de Nooij on "TinekeShow", a MAX/Radio 5 program. What a difference with José's previous appearance on this radio show in October 2012. At the time, Miss Hoebee had a tough time due to her husband's death and Luv's breakup. "Noheyo" premiered on "TinekeShow" and José sounded very positive. The songstress mentioned her current manager, Dennis van Korven and praised him for his work. 

Tineke and José

José on TinekeShow 

On June 13th, José was guest on "De Weekendborrel" (hosted by Fred Siebelink and Corné Klijn on She discussed her debut and her amazing career with Luv' as well as her new activities. 

José on 

José on "De Weekendborrel"

Source: Karin Angeleyes Facebook Page and YouTube Channel, MAX/Radio 5,

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